Case Studies

Bob Hudson

Problem: Bad Eyesight

Solution: LASIK

Bob consulted me in 1978. His soft lenses had lost wear time due to a condition known as GPC. In short, he was allergic to his lenses. At that point he was unlikely to ever again wear his soft lenses comfortably. His options were limited to resuming glasses or consider LASIK.

Bob was severely nearsighted. I certainly understood when he told me he just could not go back into glasses with a -6.00 diopter prescription. Being such a severe myope, he wasn’t sure if LASIK would be safe. After an extensive examination, we determined he had plenty of corneal thickness and no contraindications to the procedure.

Bob was just amazed with the results, as are most patients. It has been gratifying that his correction has remained stable for 14 years. Today our advances in technology allow us to treat even a wider range of patients.

-Dr. Taustine


"My whole life was spent dependent on thick glasses or contact lenses. People with normal eyesight do not understand what it is like not to see. At night if there was an emergency, what would I do if I couldn't find my glasses? If I lost a contact lens, what a predicament I was in. I had heard of LASIK but thought I was too severely nearsighted at -6.00 diopters. Dr. Taustine and his staff carefully examined me. While the strength of my glasses was fairly extreme, the tests determined I could safely have the procedure. I was surprised how comfortable the LASIK procedure was. It was a miracle just how quickly my vision returned. The results of my LASIK were spectacular. I obtained clear 20/20 vision in each eye. That was 14 years ago. The results have remained stable. I would recommend LASIK to anyone Dr. Taustine feels is a good candidate."  Bob Hudson
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