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The Cutting-Edge of Ophthalmic Research

Patients at the Taustine Eye Center have the opportunity to participate in the development and evaluation of many new forms of treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disorders and other conditions such as dry eye, conjunctivitis, and allergy. The Research Center at the Taustine Eye Center was established by Dr. Williams in 1995. It has grown to be one of the largest private ophthalmic research centers in the area, has participated in over a hundred clinical trials, and has been involved in the development of many new treatments.

People choose to participate in clinical trials for many reasons, such as a desire to help others by advancing medical knowledge or a personal interest in research. Those who do choose to participate and who are suitable candidates have the satisfaction of knowing that they are instrumental in helping to develop better treatments for some of our most frustrating eye problems.

All clinical trials at the Research Center are monitored by independent agencies (Investigational Review Boards) to protect patient safety. The FDA monitors all trials involving new medications or devices. If at any time we feel that the treatment a patient is receiving as part of a trial is not the best that can be provided for that patient we withdraw them from the trial. In addition, patients are always free to withdraw from any trial at any time for any reason. Participation in trials is strictly voluntary.

Participants in clinical trials receive their study related medications and study related examinations at no charge to them or to their insurance companies. However, clinical trials are not for everyone. Our first concern is the safety of the participants. If, in our opinion, it would be safe for you to participate we will choose studies which are appropriate for your particular ocular condition. The large number of studies performed at the Research Center increases the chance that we can find a study appropriate for your particular situation.

People interested in participating in clinical trials should contact the Research Center at the Taustine Eye Center at 502-458-9004 ext. 5 to inquire about current investigations.

Current Research Studies


Eye drop to quiet the eye after cataract surgery


Eye drop for lowering eye pressure 1 (AR-12286)
Comparing the safety of two eye drops in patients with elevated eye pressure

Dry Eye

Eye drop to reduce "Meibomian Gland Dysfunction"
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