Discover the Advantages of Laser Cataract Refractive Surgery

The Taustine Eye Center is Louisville’s leading eye surgery, research and care practice. Created over 30 years ago by Dr. Lloyd Taustine, we have been the first practice in the area to adopt many new procedures for advanced diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. Today, we offer the most up-to-date technologies available for cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, LASIK and macular degeneration.
Speaking of up-to-date technologies, are you a candidate for cataract surgery? Are you now weighing your options? You have options when it comes to your cataract procedure. Laser-assisted surgery is proven to be more precise and reproducible than traditional cataract surgery. It is a technologically advanced option that helps surgeons to customize the procedure to your eye. 
While our eyes share the same basic anatomy, every eye is just a bit different when it comes to many key measurements. Laser-assisted cataract surgery captures high-resolution images of your eye. These images then allow your cataract surgeon to complete the procedure to exacting specifications not possible with the traditional cataract surgery. Laser-assisted cataract surgery helps your surgeon remove the cataract precisely and efficiently while limiting stress to your eye. Think of it as a custom-tailored solution for your eyes. 
Laser-assisted cataract surgery reduces your dependence on glasses with advanced technology lenses. The technology is designed to help you enjoy activities such as knitting, playing cards, and playing golf with less dependence on glasses. 
All surgeries have risk. Ask your doctor if laser-assisted cataract surgery is right for you. Give us a call to learn more. You can also schedule an appointment to see if the procedure is right for you.
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