Grateful patient Dr. Gerald Ruth honors our very own Dr. Hurt by endowing scholarship at IU School of Optometry

Dr. James Hurt has been practicing at the Taustine Eye Center since 1985. A year prior, he graduated from the School of Optometry at Indiana University. Recently a grateful patient honored Dr. Hurt by endowing a scholarship at the IU School of Optometry. 
Dr. Hurt and Dr. Gerald Ruth have a friendship that goes back to their teenage years when they were introduced at church. In December of 2013, after years of friendship, Dr. Hurt made a rare discovery and coordinated the surgery on Dr. Ruth for closed angle glaucoma, saving his sight.  “It was an ocular emergency,” says Dr. Hurt.  “I’m really glad I was able to help.”
“The fact that he made the discovery is profound, and I’m forever indebted. If he hadn’t made that discovery in December of 2013, I might not have my sight today,” says Dr. Gerald Ruth, a professor of geosciences at Indiana University Southeast.  “I’m very grateful and wanted to do something to demonstrate that gratitude.” 
Dr. Ruth wanted to do something in return for his long time friend. In August, Dr. Ruth committed $10,000 to the IU School of Optometry for the Dr. James D. Hurt Scholarship. The scholarship which will be used to support a fourth year student who demonstrates an interest in ocular disease and service to the underprivileged. Upon hearing about this scholarship Dr. Hurt was honored by this unbelievable gesture by his friend: “I am so humbled by this gesture. Flabbergasted, in fact.” 
You can learn more about their story here. The first-ever recipient of the Dr. James D. Hurt Scholarship will be awarded this fall to an optometry student at Indiana University.
Dr. Hurt is available for comprehensive eye examinations. Working extensively with the cataract and refractive surgery patients, Dr. Hurt takes pride in obtaining the very best vision for each individual.  He also performs contact lens fittings using the latest technologically advanced materials. He fits a wide variety of lenses including soft, rigid gas permeable, astigmatic, keratoconic, and bifocal lenses.
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