Has Your Ophthalmologist Recertified? Taustine Eye Center vs. Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers

Dr. Taustine was board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1979, recertified in 2006 and is participating in the high standards required for maintainance of certification.  Technically, the recertification process is voluntary however our patients deserve to know their doctors are keeping their standards high.  We are very proud of Dr. Taustine!
Many patients don’t know they can verify the certification status of an ophthalmologist online at the American Board of Ophthalmology’s web site.  Go to abop.org.  When you search Dr. Lloyd Taustine you will see his certification history and that he is actively participating in the maintenance of certification.  Not all ophthalmologists have done so.  For an example, look up Dr. Donald Bennett.  You will see he was certified in 1989, however as of February 21, 2013, he was not recertified. We believe twenty years is a long time to go without recertifying.  

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