Helpful tools for people with vision impairments

  • Posted on: Aug 18 2020
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[photo credit: AAO]

People with vision impairments face many obstacles simply navigating their everyday life. Our friends at the American Academy of Ophthalmology put together a list of devices and other technologies to make life easier for someone with vision impairments.


-Tools built into Apple and Android devices such as ways to make your font larger or to increase the contrast

-Daily tasks and object ID

-Magnification: reading glasses tools on your phone

-Navigation and transportation

-Shopping assistance

We definitely recommend checking out the article here to read further on the various tools so you can find the right one for you.

Did you know that the Taustine Eye Center’s website has helpful tools to benefit those with vision impairments? Click the symbol in the bottom left corner to browse the various tools. You will find ways to make the text larger, ways to change the color contrast of the page, and even a screen reader.

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