Laser Cataract Surgery

For years patients have known we do great things with lasers. But, cataract surgery is easier now and the results are great.  They made the assumption that we used lasers for cataract surgery rather than phacoemulsification with ultrasound.  Ultrasound is what has made the big change.  
Industry took advantage of this misperception.  Alcon is the first out with a laser cataract surgery machine.  It is a femtosecond laser.  This is the same type of laser I have used for years to make the corneal flap for lasik.  In cataract surgery, it does not take the cataract out. Rather it makes the tiny incisions into the cornea and lens and creates astigmatism correction incisions.  At this time there is little to prove it is better however some of our prospective patients are interested.
To accommodate these patients, I will use the LenSx laser machine. In fact the first 10 patients will not have to pay any extra for the use of the machine.  I will be happy to discuss with interested patients at the same time we discuss their cataract options.  

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