Road to the Kentucky Derby

Today we decided to take a little break from discussing ophthalmology. Being an eye practice in the city of Louisville, no time of year is more exciting than these final few weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby (okay maybe basketball season is up there). Exciting events are taking place every weekend (Thunder Over Louisville,… Read More »

When is the Right Time to Have Cataract Surgery?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly 25.7 million Americans over age 40 have cataracts and the number is projected to increase to 45.6 million by 2050. First let’s discuss what a cataract is in general. A cataract occurs when proteins clump together in the eye’s lens and interfere with light passing through to the retina.… Read More »

Did you know exercise also has benefits for your eyes?

The benefits of incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle is well-documented. Exercise can prevent excess weight gain, can help prevent or manage serious health problems, can be a great stress reliever, and can boost your energy. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends at least 150 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity to prevent significant weight gain… Read More »

important safety tips this fourth of july holiday 5d30846801783

Important safety tips this Fourth of July holiday

  It’s that time of year again. The Fourth of July holiday is here. The day where we celebrate America’s independence also means pool parties, cookouts, vacation time, and oh yes–millions of Americans setting off fireworks. While this day is usually full of fun times, it can actually be quite a dangerous holiday. Although, many American… Read More »

khsaa first in nation to approve softball safety change 5d30844db5452

KHSAA first in nation to approve softball safety change

(Image via Bob Pedecky | The Press Democrat) If you’re a follower of the Taustine Eye Center blog, then you might know that Dr. Taustine once didn’t quite see eye-to-eye with some safety rules in Kentucky high school sports. He had two daughters that played field hockey, one through college. For years he spent time… Read More »

infographic safety tips for viewing the solar eclipse 5d30843fef747

Safety tips for upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

(Image via Joe Howell)  On August 21, 2017, a “Total Solar Eclipse” will take place, the first in nearly a century. A “Total Solar Eclipse” occurs when the moon aligns perfectly with the sun as it passes between the sun and the earth. During this event, skies will darken from Oregon all the way to… Read More »

INFOGRAPHIC: Safety tips for viewing the Solar Eclipse

We’ve been talking about the Solar Eclipse for months. You have been watching about the event on both local and national news. Please make sure that you are informed on proper safety tips for this neat scientifc event. Check out this infographic courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  Give Us a Follow on Social… Read More »

tec staff watches total solar eclipse 5d3084378066d

TEC staff watches Total Solar Eclipse

The astronomical event known as the Total Solar Eclipse has been discussed across all media platforms for months now. Towns such as Hopkinsville, Kentucky who happened to be in the path of totality, have been preparing for this event for years. Over 50,000 people were expected to descend on the southwestern town in Kentucky to… Read More »