Gdx Access

With the GDx Access it is now possible to detect glaucoma at a much earlier stage than ever before. This is especially significant because glaucoma typically causes no symptoms in the early stages.

Why we’ve invested in GDx Access™:

  • GDx Access can detect glaucoma long before patients begin to lose their sight, allowing treatment to be initiated to preserve maximum vision.
  • GDx Access uses a safe, infrared laser to measure the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer, allowing doctors to determine early on whether structural damage has been done to the eye.
  • The patented GDx Access is the only screening technology available that directly and objectively evaluates the nerve fiber layer of the eye.
  • The GDx Access screening test is a comfortable, in-office procedure that does not require pupil dilation or drops in the eye.
  • The traditional eye pressure check is unable to detect glaucoma in many patients – 50 percent of glaucoma patients do not have high or abnormal pressure results. This device can identify those patients.